Uniqlo Selling Street Fighter 2 Collection

Uniqlo has partnered with Capcom to bring their Street Fighter 2 Collection to UK high streets.

The range includes t-shirts featuring Ryu, Blanka, E Honda, M Bison, Cammy, Guile and Dhalsim. One of the best features Ryu, Ken and Sagat doing a dragon punch with the move instructions below the fighters.

Uniqlo says about the range “Celebrate the continuing legacy of legendary fighting video game Street Fighter by Capcom. Originally debuting in arcades in 1987, the franchise went on to achieve global popularity with a series of revolutionary games, making history today as one of the most influential video game franchises of all time.”

Check out the full range on Uniqlo’s website and if you’re in the UK pop into a local store.

This follows on from their previous The Game collections which featured Nintendo characters.

[Image source: Uniqlo]

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