Outbreak Prime Secret Quest In Destiny 2

Update 10:20pm BST – The quest has been completed and rewards Outbreak Perfected. This a redux version of Outbreak Prime for Destiny 2. There’s also a Heroic version of the mission that will likely reward the catalyst. The full steps on how to get Outbreak Perfected can be found here. Now go and get it!

Today Destiny received update 2.2.2. It looks like we all got more than we bargained for and the Destiny secret hunters have kicked into gear. As well as the regular updates in the patch notes, the clever folks on the internet noticed some other classified items had also been added to the game. This Masterwork Objective Complete icon then gave the game away.

Outbreak Prime is back. This is an unfolding situation right now and Destiny’s Secret Hunting machine has gone full throttle. If you are a fan of Destiny, then you’ll know these are the most exciting times in the community. We don’t yet know how many steps are in the quest, or if parts of it are time-gated. If you’re on the hunt right now… Good luck Guardian.

How to get the Exotic Quest for Outbreak Perfected

The quest starts with obtaining a Fallen Transponder in a heroic adventure on Titan called Bad Neighbours. In the first room with the shrieker rather than go ahead into the next room, turn left and open the door.

Once you obtain the Fallen Transponder in the secret room you have to collect the nodes. There are 6 nodes to collect. The description reads “A Fallen global positioning transponder, jury-rigged for operation by human hands. Its encrypted interface seems to require locational data. Beyond that, your Ghost can find nothing remarkable about this device except a brief plaintext message embedded in its header files.”

Once you find the 6 nodes, head back to The Farm you’ll unlock a new 690 mission called The Old Tower. Once you complete the mission you’ll be rewarded with Outbreak Perfected.

Outbreak Prime

Outbreak Prime was the raid weapon from Destiny 1 from Wrath Of The Machine. It’s a unique exotic pulse rifle that is powered by SIVA nanites. It can only be obtained through a complex questline called Channeling The Corruption.

Check out Twitch & YouTube star Datto getting the World First Outbreak Prime in Destiny 1.

Destiny Secrets

Jason Schreier and Kirk Hamilton did a great podcast episode titled The Secret Hunters Of Destiny, which is an excellent listen. Go and check that out for a rundown of secrets in Destiny (including the original Outbreak Prime).

Check out more on /raidsecrets over on Reddit, which is a great resource for secret hunters.

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