Valve Announces New High-End VR Equipment Valve Index

Valve Index looks to be the new benchmark in VR tech, but it comes at a cost.

Valve has announced their new VR equipment range called Valve Index. This includes the headset, base station and controllers.

The headset features dual 1440×1600 RGB LCDs and looking to improve the quality of the VR image. It runs at 120Hz, but it backwards compatible with Vive’s 90Hz. Valve promise 20-degrees more field of view than Vive and reducing the screen-door effect that normally accompanies VR.

The new Index controllers have been designed with open-handed interactions and longer play sessions in mind to make sure players can interact with environments and other players more naturally. The controllers are equipped with buttons and 87 sensors which can track hand position, motion and pressure.

The price for the bundle which includes the headset, base station and two controllers is £919 ($999). The headset and controllers cost £689 ($749) or you can buy them separately with the headset costing £459 ($499) and controllers £259 ($279).

Find out more on Valve’s website.

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