Destiny 2 The Revelry Spring Event

Bungie invites you to celebrate The Revelry starting April 16th.

There’s a new Spring event coming to Destiny 2 starting next week. The tower’s in full bloom and the Verdant Forest is available for activities. This is a variation on The Festival Of The Lost’s Haunted Forest game type from October where you clear zones, kill bosses and try to beat the clock.

Players can earn new gear including the Revelry armor set. Eva will also be offering Reveler’s Tonic which reduces the cool-down on melee, grenades and class abilities. There’s also a new Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle to earn called Arbalest.


The event starts April 16th at reset and lasts through to May 7th 2019. Find out more in This Week At Bungie.

Check out the trailer for The Revelry.

[Image Source: Bungie]

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