Airborne Kingdom

Airborne Kingdom is a city building exploration game set in the clouds.

Airborne Kingdom is a new city building and exploration game from Ben Wander and fellow members of The Wandering Band. In Airborne Kingdom you construct a flying metropolis and soar above the earth. As you float around you look for new civilisations to join your city. In a twist to the city building genre, you take to the skies. That itself throws up challenges of staying airborne. It’s your job to gather resources, manage the needs of the people, grow and expand your city.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Wander from The Wandering Band to chat about the upcoming Airborne Kingdom.

Ben Wander previously worked on a successful solo project called A Case Of Distrust. A Case of Distrust is a narrative mystery game set in 1924 San Francisco. You take on the role of private investigator Phyllis Cadence Malone as you try and crack the case.

Ben is now back together with former colleagues from Visceral Games. They’ve formed a new team together under the name of The Wandering Band. The beautiful, handcrafted graphics are created by Chee Fong. Fred Gareau is the Programmer and Zach Mumbach is working the Producer. Ben is the Designer of the game.

“The idea came about through a lot of play testing. We just kept iterating on what seemed fun to us. At some point we had various ships that moved to resources, it was Fred who came up with the idea to move the city. We tried it out and it created such a fantastic loop. It opened up all these unique gameplay elements and it was that moment we knew we had something special.”

The team focuses heavily on iteration and the main flying mechanic in the game came about through testing new ideas. Initially as a thought the concept for the game may sound a little confusing – however when the team started play testing they found they really had something special.

“The team comes at it from all kind of perspectives. The last game I made was a narrative story game. Our biggest city building inspiration would be Frostpunk and the exploration is kind of unique to our genre. We even reference games like Breath Of The Wild…”

The game takes its inspiration from Sunless Skies and 80 Days, however, it’s more focused as a city builder. The nodal story allows you to discover the mysteries that are taking place below your kingdom.

“The reaction has been better than we hoped for. As soon as someone sees an image or a GIF from a game they instantly get it. It’s been wonderfully positive.”

A flying contraption from Airborne City

Airborne Kingdom is currently in development for PC and Mac. You can add the game to your wish list via Steam today. We’ll be back with more once the game is released for a full review.

Check out the full interview with Ben Wander talking about Airborne Kingdom. As well as talking about Airborne Kingdom we discuss previous projects like A Case of Distrust, Visceral Games and also his opinion of a fast-moving and ever-changing industry.

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