Mario & Sonic Coming To Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Mario & Sonic are going to Tokyo 2020.

SEGA have announced Mario & Sonic will be supporting the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

  • Mario & Sonic at The Olympic Games
  • Mario & Sonic at The Olympic Games – Arcade Edition
  • Sonic at The Olympic Games – iOS and Android
  • Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game

Mario & Sonic at The Olympics will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch in Winter 2019. The game is coming to arcades in Summer 2020. Sonic will be coming to The Olympic Games on mobile devices in Summer 2020. Finally the official game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in Summer 2020.

It’s not a surprise Mario & Sonic will be at The Olympic Games as the games are in Tokyo. I would imagine we’re going to see our favourite plumber and blue hedgehog at the opening ceremony in some capacity.

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