Cuphead Coming To Nintendo Switch

The charming yet tough side-scroller is coming to Nintendo Switch this April.

Nintendo held a Nindies showcase yesterday and the big announcement from that is Cuphead is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 18 2019.

Studio MDHR confirmed shortly after with this tweet

Cuphead originally launched on PC and Xbox One in 2017. It released to much fanfare around its unique art style and tough gameplay.

After the original announcement for Cuphead coming to Nintendo Switch Microsoft confirmed it would support Xbox Live features with a post-launch update. This follows on from Minecraft on Switch featuring Xbox Live features.

Microsoft’s original GDC schedule page stated Xbox Live would be coming to Switch, iOS and Android but since then they have only confirmed Xbox Live coming to mobile devices. These latest developments with Cuphead could mean Microsoft and Nintendo edging towards closer relationships – although nothing is confirmed just yet.

The game is available for preorder on Nintendo’s eShop today.

Check out the full Nindies Spring Showcase here

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