Xbox Live Coming To iOS And Android

Microsoft is enabling Xbox Live for all mobile game developers on iOS and Android devices.

This confirms rumours from February when Microsoft confirmed their GDC schedule.

Microsoft are adding Xbox feature capabilities to mobile platforms to allow them to use Xbox Live achievements, gamerscore, friends lists and clubs.

Microsoft are packaging all this functionality into their new SDK called Microsoft Game Stack. It’s an existing set of tools, but now they are packaging it up neatly and allowing 3rd party developers to use the tool kit rather than just internal Microsoft teams.

Developers will have access to Xbox Live, Mixer and the Microsoft Store.

Back in February Nintendo Switch was included in the GDC update, however there’s no news of Nintendo Switch here. At the moment it’s not clear if something has changed but Microsoft have re-emphasised their committment to bring Xbox Live to mobile platforms, which could include Nintendo in the future. However, Microsoft didn’t have any specific news on Switch at this time.

We expect more news from Microsoft at next week’s Game Developers Conference.

[Image source: Microsoft]

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