Anthem Quality Of Life Patch

BioWare’s big Anthem Quality Of Life Patch has been released this weekend.

Anthem’s got a big update this weekend and it’s addressing some of the main issues we’ve been giving. Patch 1.0.3 addresses a few things:

  • Respawn machanics – Previously some mission had short respawn timers, but strongholds and legendary contracts you had to be revived. Now you can respawn in every mission. Strongholds and endgame content is 30 seconds and other missions are 10 seconds
  • Loot – Common and uncommon drops no longer appear for players who are level 30
  • Stability – The game should crash less after this update including a crucial bug where the sound would completely drop out

You can check out the full update on Reddit. Read our initial impressions of Anthem here.

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