Apex Legends Balance Patch

Respawn detail their Apex Legends balance patch.

Respawn have released a Apex Legends Balance Patch to all platforms addressing some of the main issues players have had with the game. Apex Legends has proved wildly popular recently announced they hit 50 million players worldwide.

Developers detail in the post they want to make meaningful, polished updates to the game. This is opposed to frequent iterations in the live environment as people spend time mastering the game.

The main weapon changes in the game effect The Wingman (hand cannon) and The Peacekeeper (Shotgun). On the Wingman the rate of fire has been reduced as well as the headshot multiplier reduced. The Peacekeeper’s reload speed has been reduced, which makes players a little more at risk if they miss their shot. The Wingman and Peacekeeper availability has been reduced in all zones and the energy weapons & ammo availability has been increased. These changes are live in the game right now.

Larger character hit boxes are also discussed, however there are no changes just yet. These changes could be rolled out at the start of Season 1, however Respawn want to thoroughly test the changes before making the update to make sure the balance is right.

We’re yet to hear of Season 1 and Battle Pass news, however Respawn say the news is coming – there’s “a lot of moving parts” to a big launch so they want to get it right. Fair enough.

Check out the full patch notes on Apex Legends Reddit.

Respawn also recently released some awesome artwork for the game, which you can check out here. Check out our thoughts on the game in the review.

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