Anthem Slow Week 1 Sales

BioWare’s new looter shooter is slow out of the blocks.

Anthem is top of the charts this week straight in there at number 1. However that doesn’t paint the full picture. The first week sales have been approximately half of their previous release Mass Effect Andromeda.

This is only physical sales and doesn’t take into account electronic copies sold through services like Origin on PC, Xbox or Playstation digital stores.

For a game that had so much hype and marketing, it must be disappointing for BioWare and EA. Anthem sold approximately sold half of Mass Effect Andromeda’s sales and around a quarter of Destiny 2 sales from September 2017.

Anthem had a tricky start to life with a buggy VIP demo and then a protracted release and bugs from 15th October. Comparing Anthem to other big releases so far in 2019 physical sales have been less than both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Resident Evil 2.

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