Fortnite World Cup And $100million 2019 Prizes

The Fortnite World Cup is coming and Epic are giving away a lot of money in prizes.

Fortnite set out their stalls for 2019 with an announcement they are set to give away $1,000,000 in prize money. Qualifiers run from April 13 to June 16. Each week $1,000,000 will be available for players.

The top 100 solo player and top 50 duo teams will join the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York City from July 26 – 28 with a $30,000,000 prize fund. Each player is guaranteed $50,000 and the eventual solo champ will get $3,000,000.

Fortnite has been feeling the heat recently from a successful launch of Apex Legends, however if this prize fund is anything to go by then they still have deep pockets and are looking to engage the Fortnite community in 2019.

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