Apex Legends Loot On Twitch Prime

Get your new Apex Legends Loot on Twitch.

Apex Legends are partnering with Twitch to giveaway free Apex Legends themed loot.

You can get some free gifts including:

  • A free Legendary Omega Point Pathfinder skin
  • 5 x Apex Packs (random cosmetic items)

To get this free loot you have to be a Twitch Prime subscriber (which means an Amazon Prime subscriber as Amazon own Twitch behind the scenes) and then link your EA and Twitch accounts.

Respawn detail this in an update on reddit saying:

“The Twitch Prime rewards can only be granted to one account so make sure you are connecting the right one to your Twitch Prime account. Once you have connected an account and logged into the game, it will automatically grant the rewards on that platform, and will not be awarded to any other linked platform or account.”

Respawn, Reddit

This is something Twitch have done previously with other games such as Fortnite and Warframe and makes sense to everyone – Respawn has the hottest new game, Twitch is the biggest broadcaster and can promote Twitch Prime and the audience get their loot. Awesome.

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