Fortnite Festival Leaves Parents Furious

Angry parents demand refund from Fortnite event organisers.

A Fortnite themed event in Norwich England has caused anger amongst parents for it’s poor organisation and lack-lustre attractions. Parents hit out at the organisers of the billed ‘Fornite Event Of The Year’ demanding their money back.

Tickets for the event cost £12 and up to £20 for ‘unlimited access’ to attractions. Many people complained of long queues with an estimated 2500 turning up for the event.

The BBC reports Reenie Greenwood and her husband Ed paid nearly £80 for their son and four friends to go to celebrate his birthday.

“They were really looking forward to it given they play online. They’ve done nothing apart from queue. I’m really angry and gutted for my son.”

Reenie Greenwood, Norwich

Attractions included a cave experience (a truck trailer wrapped camouflage), bumper cars, archery and climbing wall.

Image credit: Justine Petersen/Facebook

Perhaps the saving grace of the event was the fact you could actually play Fortnite at the event. Unfortunately for the guests you had to pay for this and queue.

Refunds were available initially, however the Facebook page where people were doing so is no longer available.

The event was not endorsed by Epic Games the parent company behind Fortnite.

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