Apex Legends bans, bugs and communication

Respawn have outlined their short term plans for Apex Legends.

Respawn have updated the community on their immediate plans to fix some issues in Apex Legends.

The game has no doubt had a great launch, however now the community is settling in Respawn want to build on their great start and keep the conversation going.

In an update to the community posted on the Apex Legends sub reddit Respawn outlined 4 key areas they plan to improve.

  • Crashes – Improving stability, performance and reliability of the servers. The first patch was out last week and another one is due tomorrow.
  • Bug reports – Be as thorough as possible when reporting bugs to them so Respawn can replicate the bug. They have provided a template
  • Bans – Over 16,000 players have been banned so far from the game in an effort to remove cheaters from ruining players fun. A report player feature is coming soon.
  • Communication – Respawn plan more regular updates, live streams and troubleshooting tips.

Apex Legends is growing fast with 25 million people playing the game in the first few weeks. It’s great to see the communication flowing both ways and Respawn planning regular updates to the community. Destiny, Warframe and Sea of Thieves have enjoyed success from developer updates so I am sure Respawn will do well in their short term plans.

Watch out for the Twitch Rivals event coming tomorrow, February 19th. Hopefully we’ll see a repeat performance from Dizzy who last week tore through the competition like a hot knife through butter.

You can read more about Apex Legends and what we thought in our review.

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