Peter Molyneux Introduces Legacy

Peter Molyneux discusses his new inventor sim game Legacy.

Legacy is a new game about starting a business. You take the main player from someone who builds things in their garage to a factory production line with their inventions.

The game is about fostering creativity. Peter Molyneux says in his new video he wants to create feelings – of success, creativity and pose the players of the game dilemmas like “Am I a good boss?”.

Legacy takes place in the players garage where you put together pre-made pieces to create, well… anything you’d like to create. Once you create something that’s popular and it starts selling, then you take that initial idea to industrial scale to sell to the mass market.

Inspired by his very first game, The Entrepreneur 1984, Legacy looks to build on this idea of starting a business and bring it into the modern era. You could call it an inventor sim.

The game is bright and colourful and could have a lot of potential.

There’s currently no firm date for release but we’ll keep you posted for any news on this one.

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