Anthem VIP Weekend Round Up

The Anthem VIP weekend kicked off this weekend giving players an early look at the game. The VIP demo started on Friday January 25th and runs through to Sunday 27th January.

Initial reception and numbers

The game looks to have been well received by players with many saying they’re having lots of fun and the experience is better than expected.

“It’s been incredibly humbling to see so many people watching along with us on Twitch (over 300K concurrent viewers yesterday & over 100M minutes watched — those are Fortnite-type numbers!). Thank you for your support! Our goal is to get everyone into the demo having fun together.”

Chad Robertson, Head of Live Service, BioWare

Anthem appears on many most anticipated for 2019 lists, but these entries contain reservations due to the ambitions of the game. Many have tried and find the ‘live game’ model hard to keep up with the appetite for content from the gaming community. If you can crack the model then it does have the potential to change the landscape of the games industry. Just look at what Fortnite has done over the last 18 months.

Server issues

On Friday player experienced some issues getting access to the game.

“We’ve been testing the entire game and platform for several months, but there were a few things we missed; real-world play frequently leads to unexpected issues.” 

Chad Robertson, Head of Live Service, BioWare

Day 1 server issues aren’t new to AAA video game releases. Although frustrating for some players, these live tests are a good opportunity for companies to discover and fix issues. Teams in BioWare will be running a post-mortem on what happened and then prioritising fixes based on the events of this weekend.

Check out the full statement from BioWare.

Next weekend the open demo take places allowing all players to take part at 5pm Friday 1st February to Sunday February 3rd.

The game releases Friday 22nd February 2019.

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